Free: The Magic of Urban Green Spaces with Yamina Nater-Otero (2/6)

02/06/2023 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


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Photo: Yamina Nater-Ortero with Gray Catbird. Credit: courtesy of Yamina Nater-Ortero

What do you picture when you think about "going out into nature”? If you're like most people, or any internet image search, you picture vast mountains, acres of forest, and not a single cement block in sight. While the conservation field as a whole has historically neglected our city parks, we now know that they serve not only human urban dwellers, but the birds who live and migrate through our neighborhoods. Join Yamina Nater-Otero in discussing the magic of urban green spaces and get tips for birding your local parks! 


About the Speaker: 

Yamina (she/they) is a Roger Arliner Young (RAY) Program Manager at the Environmental Leadership Program. Inspired by her Puerto Rican heritage, lifelong residence in Newark, NJ and her time as a paraprofessional in both high- and low-income school districts, she strives for equity in education and conservation. Yamina has been interviewed by various podcasts, education publications, and newspapers about topics such as urban birding and biodiversity, redefining “the outdoors,” and equitable environmental education.


Before joining the RAY fellowship team, Yamina worked at Audubon NY delivering education programs to New York City students and engaging various communities across the five boroughs. In their free time, Yamina enjoys spending time with their Boston Terriers, birding locally, all things spooky, terrible puns, and consuming vast amounts of pop culture.


The NYC Audubon Lecture Series is made possible by the support of Claude and Lucienne Bloch.


Photo: Yamina Nater-Otero, a tan-skinned person with curly hair and glasses, smiles at the camera while holding a Gray Catbird in their left hand. Credit: courtesy of Yamina Nater-Otero

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