Birding Gems of Clove Lakes Park with Gabriel Willow (9/17)

09/17/2023 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM ET


  • $28.00  -  Members Pricing
  • $42.00  -  General Admission


Journey to the green Staten Island to discover some of the beautiful forests and incredible birding spots at Clove Lakes Park. Numerous warblers, vireos, tanagers, and other migratory songbirds can be seen here. We'll even see one of the largest and oldest trees in NYC.


Registration required. $28 for NYC Audubon members, $42 for non-members. Limited to 15.


Note on Accessibility:

We acknowledge that this event takes place during Rosh Hashanah and that some members of our community are unable to attend because of the holiday. Please check our events calendar at for a list of the other 100+ events and outings through the fall.


This park contains a mix of paved and unpaved paths on hilly terrain. Restrooms can be found on Clove Road and Victory Blvd. The S53 and SIM35 are accessible nearby, and unmetered parking can be found around the perimeter of the park.



Photo: Notice the patterned undertail of this perched Yellow-bellied Cuckoo. Credit: David Speiser

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